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Zhangjiagang Huamei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: Daxin Town, Zhangjiagang City
Marketing Service Department
Contact: Wang Lu
Phone: 0512-58586898
Mobile: 18051833588
Zip code: 215636

After-sales service department
Contact: Zhou Xiaoying
Phone: 0512-58710790
Mobile: 18962204956
Zip code: 215636

Sales and service department of four southwestern provinces (Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan)
Address: Chongqing
Contact: Yan Chunxia
Phone: 13002390028

Sales Service Department of Beijing City
Address: Beijing
Contact: Li Pan
Phone: 13718894087

Sales Service Department of Shenzhen City
Address: Shenzhen
Contact: Zhu Yongjie
Phone: 13714350461

Sales Service Department of Jiangxi Province
Address: Nanchang, Jiangxi
Contact: Liu Chuanbiao
Phone: 13732909361


      ZHANGJIAGANG HUAMEI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is located in the prosperous and beautiful, the national model and garden city—Daxin Town, ZJG City, which is suited in the economic developmental zone along the Yangtze River. It has the area of about 10,000 m2, and owes 100,000-classed cleaning shops about 2000 m2.
      The company is specialized in production of medical high polymer products, which rich in variety, and mainly include series of ureter support, nephrostomy, bladder fistula, rectum piezometer, urine power pipe, disposal douche bag, sets of postcloacal gut gas vent and medical multi-purpose tables, etc.. Depending on the strict quality management, favorable production environment, advanced manufacturing equipments, and good testing methods, the company has been widely known by customers.
      Targeting on “Customer Upmost, Quality First”, the company pay attention to the marketing information, study the clinical needs andwill develop nation-level advanced new products so as to meet the needs of health service. Besides consolidating and developing domestic markets, the company has already gone internationally.
      The company also promises that “Good-Quality Products, Satisfactory Service, and Customer-oriented Goal”.

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